How to Create a Custom WordPress Homepage That Works Best For Your Brand

How to Create a Custom WordPress Homepage That Works Best For Your Brand

Your homepage is the first place your website visitors see, so it’s important to capture their attention quickly and get them moving down the path toward conversion. This means a balance of white space, intuitive navigation, and intentional design elements.

The most common way to organize a WordPress homepage is by using the full site editor, but there are other ways you can create a custom homepage that works best for your brand. To start, you’ll want to ensure your WordPress hosting and domain registration are complete. Once those are in place, you can get to work!

A great homepage will use all available design methods to represent your business and its products or services in the best possible light. These techniques include visual storytelling, branding, copywriting and more 홈페이지 만들기!

Visual storytelling is a popular way to present information on the homepage. It can help convey complex concepts quickly and build trust with visitors.

One of the most effective ways to use visual storytelling is with a video. The ability to show a product in action is incredibly powerful, and 18% of homepages now feature a video.

You can make this type of visual storytelling even more powerful by incorporating animations and motion graphics into your homepage. This will draw your visitors’ attention and make it feel more natural and exciting.

If you don’t have the resources to create a full-fledged video, consider creating a slideshow with images and text. These can be displayed in a similar fashion to a video, with each slide taking up a small amount of the screen.

The key is to ensure that each slide reflects the main point of your homepage. You should limit your slides to three or four.

Putting calls-to-action above the fold is an essential component of any high-converting homepage, and it’s a simple way to direct visitors through your website’s funnel and down the sales cycle. This might mean linking to your latest collection or a video that helps visitors understand how your product works.

Remember, these CTAs are gateways to other pages, websites and promotional items on your site, so they need to be enticing enough that users will click.

In the example below, sustainable swimwear brand Benoa Swim uses large product imagery to attract attention and get visitors to browse its latest collections. The site also includes a simple navigation bar and links to social media accounts for more ways to connect with the company.

Adding human faces to your website’s home page is a great way to set your brand apart from competitors and create a sense of connection with your customers. This will also give your visitors a better understanding of your business and its people, which can be vital to their decision to buy.