How to Fix Your Tablet Yourself

Whether your tablet has been damaged by water, a power surge, or a cracked screen, you can take it to an Apple service center to get it repaired. You can also use the new Do-it-yourself parts service. This service offers the fastest repair options, but you need to know exactly what’s wrong with your device first. Read on for more tips. 태블릿 추천 Also, be sure to check the cost of repairs to see how much it’ll cost to fix it.

Apple’s new online store

After the release of the new Apple Self Service Repair Online Store, consumers will now have access to a wide range of DIY repair manuals for the tablet, iPad, and M1 Mac. These manuals cover a wide range of repair topics, including display, battery, camera, and more. They can also purchase tools to perform repairs on their own. However, the store currently only supports a small number of models, so if your phone is not listed, you’ll need to contact an authorized Apple service provider for the right kind of repair.

The Apple Self Service Repair Online Store features Apple genuine parts and tools and offers credit for used parts and tools. The store will sell 200 individual tablet parts and tools, and the store also stocks parts and repair manuals. Apple has also promised a self-service repair program that will begin with two iPhone models in late 2021. This program will begin with a small selection of parts, with plans to expand to other parts in the future.
Authorized Apple repair service locations

If you’ve ever wondered where to get your tablet repaired, you might be surprised to know that Apple has hundreds of Authorized Apple repair service locations across the US. While an Apple Store may be a few hours away, an Authorized Apple repair service location can often solve your problem on the spot. Not only do Apple repair technicians use genuine replacement parts, but they’re also trained by Apple to repair Apple products. This ensures that your iPhone is serviced by a certified technician.

To find an Authorized Apple repair service location, go to the Apple website and search for a store near you. If you live in the US, you can use Apple’s Service Provider Locator. If you’re looking for an Apple repair location in other countries, use the Apple Find Locations tool. Once you’ve located the store closest to you, click on “Sales” and then “Service.” This will bring you to a page where you can select a local Apple service provider in your area. You’ll be prompted to sign in with your Apple ID to receive online support and help.
Do-it-yourself parts service

For a low cost, you can now fix your tablet yourself. You can buy genuine Apple parts online, or you can take your broken iPhone to an Apple-authorized repair retailer. To buy the right parts, you need to know your iPhone’s IMEI or serial number. If you don’t know your IMEI, you can find it by going to Settings > General> About Device. IMEI is the 15-digit number located under the battery. Then, follow the instructions provided in the repair manual to install the new part.

The Self Service Repair program is currently only available for the iPhone 12, tablet 13, and third-generation SE. It’s recommended that you seek professional help when repairing your tablet, but if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you can use third-party repair kits. These kits are more affordable than those sold by Apple. Once you’ve repaired your tablet, you can mail in the parts to get credit for them.

Cost of repairs

Apple’s services revenue is already on the rise, but the increasing cost of tablet repairs may be a big shock. AppleCare’s revenue, which includes Apple Pay, increased by 22% year over year, from $6 billion in the third quarter of last fiscal year to $7.3 billion in the same period this year. While this may seem high, it’s still much lower than the costs of buying a new phone. So, what should you do if you think your iPhone is broken?

The best place to repair your tablet is from the manufacturer, but you can also save money by using a third-party repair shop. Most of the time, you can repair the screen or LCD panel for $25 to $200. Older models will cost less than new ones. Third-party repair shops like iHeart Repair can fix your iPhone for $35-$180. In return, you should receive a fully functional iPhone with access to your apps. Alternatively, you can buy repair tools and parts on sites like Amazon.

Coverage under AppleCare+

If you’re prone to bad luck, or simply a klutz, AppleCare+ can be a great option for you. This protection plan covers the cost of tablet repairs for 24 months or up to 36 months. Purchasing AppleCare+ is easy: just visit the AppleCare website, select “Buy Now,” and provide your Apple ID and serial number for a remote diagnostic. Then follow the steps to submit your claim.

You can choose from various levels of protection under AppleCare+, including same-day service. Apple may even replace broken parts with a similar model, as long as the replacement parts meet local standards. Coverage is subject to acceptance of terms and conditions. You must have purchased a  tablet to be covered under AppleCare+. However, you don’t have to purchase AppleCare+ to get a coverage plan.