The Speech Academy

The Speech Academy

The Speech Academy is a speech and language based academic program. The program offers two hours of speech intervention daily. Besides speech and language therapy, students are also offered regular enrichment classes to complement the core curriculum. Students in the program are eligible to attend an accredited high school. In addition to teaching spoken language and communication skills, the Academy also provides parents with education and support.

As a speech-language pathologist, the owner of the Speech Academy has been a fixture in private special education for 38 years. The Academy is designed to provide a speech and language based academic program to help students achieve their fullest potential. Some of the highlights of the Speech Academy include individualized speech and language therapy, auditory-perception remediation, and a well rounded academic program. For instance, the academy is proud to offer an in-home evaluation for children ages 2 to 18. Additionally, the school offers a full spectrum of specialized services including occupational therapy and physical therapy.

The Academy is a cutting edge facility, boasting a team of highly trained professionals with a collective industry experience of more than thirty years. The staff exemplify a dedication to their students. They are not afraid to put their own lives on the line to ensure that each and every student succeeds. On top of their commitment to their students, the Academy is one of the few facilities in the region that offers a full range of services. This is why the Academy is the perfect place to help your child find their voice and discover their true potential.

Aside from the specialized services that the Academy offers, there is also a strong emphasis on building relationships with parents and the community. The academy has a number of community involvement programs that allow the school to give back. From mentoring programs to volunteering opportunities, the Academy is always looking for ways to make an impact. Furthermore, the academy is known for its attention to detail. During an orientation session, the staff will make sure to answer all of your questions and concerns.

With a focus on education, the Speech Academy is a leading communications institute. Using the latest research, the academy has created a state of the art communication program that will help your child achieve their fullest potential. Besides speech and language therapy, the school offers auditory-perception remediation, and other highly structured small-ratio academic programs. Besides the usuals, the academy also provides formal professional development sessions for external agencies. When it comes to communications, the Speech Academy is the best place to go.

Among the speech and language based academic programs, the Academy is the only one to offer the full suite of specialized services. Moreover, the Academy has the largest number of qualified teachers and staff. The Academy is a model for the future of the field. If you’re interested in learning more about how the Speech Academy can help your child, don’t hesitate to contact the office today 스피치 학원.